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To Columbia County Cycles & Danny. My friend Leah rode to Florida on her '03 Bonneville just before xmas.
We got to ride together for a day then she split for Melbourne where her Mom & dad live.

Yesterday (Thur Jan 5th) she left Orlando at 5 pm to head back to New Orleans.
By the time she hit Lake City it was dark & cold so she got a room.

This morning the bike would barely turn over, battery was 2 years old.
A guy in the room next to her saw her messing with the bike & offered to help.

Tried to jump it off but the battery was gone so he carried her to Auto Zone & she bought a new one.
The engine would turn over normal but the bike was not even trying to start.

We spent a couple hours texting back & forth but nothing was working.
I called around & Danny at Columbia County Sales said he would go have a look even tho his main gig is Harley's.

He ended up trailering the bike to his shop after spending an hour or so in the parking lot of the motel.
He went thru the bike & checked the clutch switch, the kick stand switch, harness connections & voltage to the coils. Called the Triumph dealer for advice and they said ECM or Crank position sensor.

All in all he had more than a few hours plus a "tow job" involved & would only take $50.00!!!!!
He even offered to trailer the bike to the dealer here in Gainesville an hour away.

He's storing the bike until her Dad can come up & get it.

So that's the story, I'm gonna ride up on Monday to meet this guy & thank him for taking care of my friend & get a bunch of his business cards to pass out.
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