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Kingpin Tour Trunk for sale

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I have a Kingpin Tour Trunk with mounting hardware for sale. The trunk is in great condition and came off a 2008 Kingpin Tour. I purchased it with the intention of putting it on my 07 Kingpin but since I do not have the oem saddlebags, more specifically the oem saddlebag brackets which have therequired mounts for the trunk. I was going to reconfigure my saddlebags to use the oem saddlebag brackets but I have already drilled holes in the bags and it is too much effort for me to go through.
I am asking $225 plus shipping. The trunk is heavy so local pickup anywhere around MD, VA, DE or PA is an option. I will take pictures of it tonight and can email upon request.
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Do you still have the the Tour Trunk? If so could you email me some pics of the bags too? [email protected]
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