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Kawasaki vs Victory

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Andy ask me to do a comparison between my Kawasaki Nomad 1600 and the Victory V92 that I had before the Nomad.

It is hard to compare the two bikes due to one having liquid cooling and a drive shaft and the other with an air cooled engine and a drive belt.

First of all I think liquid cooling is better than air cooling. It's my opinion any engine running at a consistent temp will be more efficient and probably last longer. Victory is way ahead of the common air cooled engine with the extra oil capacity and oil cooler.While liquid cooling has more plumbing, Kawasaki's system is very well designed. Unlike many liquid cooled motorcycle engines the water pump can be changed without pulling the engine. While many people frown when it comes to the extra maintenance you have to do with a liquid cooled motorcycle it is the same thing with most every car you drive and it's no big deal.

The drive shaft does require more maintenance than a belt. If I had my preference I have to say I like a belt better. The new Nomads have a belt drive.

Let's talk about handling. The two bikes weigh about the same but the Nomad feels much lighter that the old Vic.While I'm no racer the Nomad seems to get around the curves with less effort and to me,more stable.

As I said in another post the cost of Victory OEM parts is ridiculous and the dealer network in my area is very limited. This was a major factor in my selling the Victory. I have a great respect for the Victory Motorcycle but not so much for the company itself.

The Vic was a 2002 and the Nomad is a 2005 so this comparison is somewhat outdated as compared to the newer models but as I said, Andy asked. I certainly don't consider myself a motorcycle expert but I have been riding for over forty years and owned around thirty bikes over the years. In my younger days I also worked at several bike shops and my jobs included being a parts manager and mechanic. My background and experience is part of the reason why I'm still a big Victory fan.

I'm sure it is obvious that I'm no writer and have not fully mastered the English language so don't flame me too much.

As always, ride safe and it's not what you ride but the fact you ride that counts.

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