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Just drilled stock exhaust. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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I Just finished drilling my exhaust out to 1 1/8". AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! It was so easy as well! Cost me less than $10 to buy a hole saw bit and only a few minutes to drill. Made a world of difference. At least I can hear the bike now. And if I crack the throttle it will really BARK!! I think it is much safer as well. People will be able to hear me. But, it is not too loud. Still nice and quiet when cruising! Can hear radio without turning up anymore than usual. Thanks to all you guys who posted the suggestion. I'm so glad I tried this first. At least I can be patient till save up some extra cash for some real pipes.

Keep the rubber side down!
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Limbo said:
I'll definitely wait. I'm not about to start drilling on that Stage One. If I do anything as far as aftermarket exhaust it will be next year anyway. Been looking into Ness and RPW. Don't you have to remove the tank to access the air filter? I'm at 4100 miles.
You don't have to remove the tank. This tells you how to remove the rubber piece.
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