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not sure the purpose of this on a bike forum. I could've did without all the language as well but then I'm a bit of a prude LOL.

Amazing though how many people play these brand wars.

I just recently became an android user and it's funny how many people online are waiting for the next 'great one' down the line such as the Samsung Galaxy S or the HTC Desire or Incredible

Mine is slower, has a smaller screen(samsung acclaim) but I've now got more crap at my fingertips than I've ever had before, I can't see the reason for 'more'. Nor can I see what I'm missing by not waiting a few more weeks either.

Anyhow I can't post here through my phone for some reason but a few other sites I have no issues with. Maybe this place doesn't like the Google Chrome mobile?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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