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Hi folks

Bought a 2013 Vegas 8ball last week. On test drive it was acting up a bit but was explained to me as old fuel that hadn't been stabilized over the winter. I asked owner to dump the fuel and call me when it was running proper if he figured that was it.

He changed fuel, and also ran some other tests and found a bad plug wire so those got changed along with new plugs.

I test drove again and everything was 100% so I purchased.

Washed the bike the next morning and that day it started acting up again. That had my suspecting it was something electric that was getting damp. Here's basically how it showed up:

Some mild hesitation accelerating, then went away. Then would happen more often, sometimes dying at a stop light. Sounded at times like it was only running on one cylinder. Other times seemed like it was running out of gas. Typically some backfiring would accompany it. Always would start again even if it died, sometimes had to keep the revs high to prevent it stalling tho.

Sometimes engine light comes on and other times not. Closest dealership isn't as close as I'd need it to be in order to just zip down and get the codes read, which is why I'm trouble shooting myself...

Took into my shop and this is what I've done:
- replaced TPS (seemed to have all the symptoms of bad TPS)
- checked battery - good
- new plugs and wires (both plugs looked good)
- took out throttle body and cleaned
- fuel pump recently replaced and looks to be working fine as I have it out of tank and running in a make shift tank (pail)

The last thing I did was clean the throttle body and it was pretty dirty. Put back together and fired it up. Ran perfectly until it warmed up to 150degrees and then it started stumbling and wouldn't hold idle.

So that's where I'm at, I guess my next move is checking the stator wiring but it is producing 14.5 volts when checked earlier.

**I will note that I bought from someone I trust and have no reason to believe that anything was hidden from me by the previous owner. We both thought the problem was mainly due to the bad plug wire.**

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again!
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