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View attachment 491123 View attachment 491125 Couldn't find anything online about installing a PC5 on a 07 or older steel frame Vic, but for those who are interested, it is very simple. Because of the different fuel injection system you don't have to mess with the PITA injector plugs, crank sensor, TPS or anything like that. Just remove seat, remove the battery, remove 3 bolts for the battery box and the ECU is mounted to the back side of the battery box. Remove the plug from the ECU, plug the gray plug from the PC5 into the ECU then plug the factory plug into the black plug from the PC5. Mount the PC5 as far to the right side of the bike as possible with supplied velcro to have enough room to re-mount the battery box and to have access to the PC5 from the right side of the bike then re-install the battery box, battery and seat.

It's that simple, took a total of about 45 minutes
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