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There's nothing inherently wrong with the standard looking connecting rod.

The problem of the clacking is the dry oil sump not quite getting enough oil out of the cranks way.
When the crank smacks the oil that's not supposed to be there it creates a clacking sound.
Unfortunately Polaris knows this requires a complete tear down to replace the oil pump, and has done nothing but blame the customer's use of a freakin fuel tuner to save themselves money, and to keep their stock prices artificially inflated.

Over time the crank smacking the oil will prematurely wear the bottom end components.
This is the kind of crap that keeps my money pointed towards any other motorcycle manufacturer....Scott Wine or otherwise.
The rods have nothing to do with the clack. They failed on the 116 big bore kit from Indian, which killed 3 engines then a stop a sale of the BBK ( stage 3 ), the new kits now have the upgraded rods.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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