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I'm wondering

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I'm finding it quite strange that the 2023 Indian models have yet to be announced.

Starting to get flashbacks from January of 2017 and their announcement of the death of the Victory. Even in that year, July, they announced their 2017 lineup with the one new addition of the Victory Octane.

By now all the big manufacturers have released their 2023 lineup and information. Well except for Polaris.

They've released their offroad lineup already.

Not even a peep about the motorcycles.

North America unit retail sales for Indian Motorcycle were down low-forties percent. North America unit retail sales for the comparable motorcycle industry were down mid-twenties percent.

So the market was down 20% but Polaris doubles the drop. That makes me think a lot. All the big manufacturers struggled with supply, why did Indian drop twice as much?

For 2021:
North American consumer retail sales for Indian Motorcycles decreased low-double digits percent during the fourth quarter of 2021 in a mid-to-heavy-weight two-wheel motorcycle industry that was up mid-single digits percent. North American consumer retail sales for Polaris' motorcycle segment, including both Indian Motorcycle and Slingshot, increased low-single digits percent during the fourth quarter of 2021. North American consumer retail sales for the motorcycle industry including both two-wheel and three-wheel increased low-single digits percent during the fourth quarter of 2021. Indian market share loss was driven by a lack of product availability during the quarter driven by supply chain challenges.

Their off road division was down 359 bps, on road down 71 pts.

The only division that was up was their marine.

Since motorcycles/slingshots are such a small part of their overall business and sales have been mostly flat the last few years as well as supply issues. It's highly probable that they're a money losing division as well.

Their sales have been down the last few quarters. They sold off GEM and Taylor Dunn.

Could they be preparing to pull the plug?
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Polaris won’t dump Indian. Feels like they’re so far behind on ‘22s they need to catch up. Worst thing they could do is announce and start shipping ‘23s when ‘22 orders aren’t filled. Victory and Indian are different.
I’ve been eyeballing this style FTR for awhile now, has sport tires and few other options so is more street able View attachment 636340
I have a ‘19 FTR. Love that bike! It’s crazy fast and a blast to ride. If you don’t mind the first model year quirks, there are a few ‘19s on Cycle Trader with low miles.
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Can you expand please

Exactly why with the name recognition indian has they’ll make plenty money round the world n sales to keep it worth their while. We know their capabilities when making great machines including motorcycles. I’m holding out hope that in a year far far away they’ll throw tribute to themselves by incorporating our beloved Victory name into/onto sumpin kewl cause is awesome logo ideas V n I
The ‘19 model year has a larger front tire and a small rear and the combination makes finding road-specific tires hard; you’re basically stuck with the tire make/model that came with the bike (quasi flat-track-inspired). They’re not bad, but don’t perform as well a street specific tires. Also, the tire size combined with suspension height makes it a pretty tall bike; not great for riders in 5’10”. Finally, the throttle response can be twitchy. I don’t have the S model that provides ride modes, so without flashing the bike, I got the standard throttle mapping. The bike basically wants to go fast all the time and it’s not truly happy loping along.

Again, these are the few quirks that stand out to me, but haven’t dented my enthusiasm. It’s a really fun bike. Your mileage might vary.
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