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I had the great pleasure of discovering that Geoff Burgess is a neighbor of mine!
Who is Geoff Burgess, you ask? He's only the guy that was instrumental in birthing Victory Motorcycles!
He invited me to his home where his garage and office is filled with ecletic Victory memorabilia. He gave me a book titled The Victory: The Making of a New American Motorcycle.
There is complete profile about him on page 26, but here's a quote from page 17:
"...but until Geoff Burgess came on board in September of 1994 we didn't get very much accomplished. "​
He owns what is one of the trickest V92SC's I have ever seen.
I was just impressed by this guy and felt really lucky to make his acquaintance.
I have invited him to the VOG and hope he posts, but I am looking forward to riding with him and getting to know him better.
I'll post pics of his V92SC when I get them.
Being a Victory nut, this is about like a Harley owner getting to meet Willie G.
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