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I have cookies thanks to the Darkside

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Hello everyone. I have been lurking around here for some time now and thought it might be time to post up. First and foremost, I love my XC. Awesome motorcycle with a few little quirks. I picked it up 16JAN19. Last weekend I rolled 7800 miles and I am planning a week long ride through Colorado the middle of August and since the back tire was getting close to bald, I thought it would be best to go ahead and put on a new tire. I have been comtemplating going to Darkside for quite some time, well I finally did it. Bought a Kumho SRT 195/55VR-16 for $140.00 and had it mounted and balanced for $40.00. The moment i rolled out of Bikers Bay, I realized the bike was the same. Yesterday i was on a 320 mile ride and the only compaint was the bike was at the mercy of the road irregularities: followed the cracks and grooves. Not a big problem just not what I wanted. Today i checked the tire pressure, 38 psi. Raised it 40 and set the front at 38. Went for a 200 mile ride and bingo, no more tracking problems. Ran a large 270 degree interchange bridge today purposely pushig the speed and lean angle. Once the XC set, she was rock solid at well above the normal.............. I am very pleased and now waiting to see how many miles I can get out of it. Sorry for the long post, just thought I would let you guys know.

And thanks to everyone for all the great info and entertainment I have gotten from this site.

Come to the Darkside, we have cookies.
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BBob said:
I'm glad to know of a tire that works on the XC. .... I wish I could see the picture of the XC with the CT. I guess when things got changed the pictures got lost somehow.
I received my Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 ZP GRN last week, waiting for my spare rim now. ZP=zero pressure or run-flat GRN=low rolling resistance Here ya go:

El_Dave said:
Alright.....really dumb question: Is darksiding better if done on heavier bikes? Does the weight of the bike make a difference?
Usually, the heavier bikes are touring bikes ( but not always). So heavy bikes like a Honda Goldwing, Kaw Nomad, Vision, XC, or XCT are heavy and may travel alot on the slab or freeways. I think my twisty stuff has to be around 10% of my total miles (2011 XC/14K miles).
In addition, a motorcycle is using one of the smallest car tire sizes out there, they don't get much smaller than 175/60-16, 195/55-16 and so on. It becomes a question of "will it fit?". Some car tires of the same size still vary in width and height with the same size numbers.
Another thought to consider is wet weather traction is much improved with a car tire, especially the all-season kinds, or softer snow-type treads. My Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 ZP (run flat) 195/55-16 throws out a heck of a lot of water in the rain. Some other bikers won't ride behind me in the rain because of this water dispersion deal. For me, I like the wet grip. Fortunately, it even works better in some snow - which happens at odd times in the mountains.
My Michelin doesn't care about tar snakes. The original Dunlop E3s are terrified of tar snakes. Works for me.
If you are going on a long trip, say 5-6000 miles, it is a pain to take off a perfectly pretty-good tire to make it all the way through the trip. Of equal annoyance would be having to get another tire somewhere out on the trip. Add mileage and Run-Flat safety are pluses for the darkside in my book.
The darkside is not for all bikes or even all riders of heavy bikes. You make your own choices and go from there.
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BBob said:
I also double darkside with a Bridgestone rear M/C tire on the front which so far has done great. Rides and handles as good as or better than any front tirre I've had on any bike in the past so I'm sticking with what works and will put another one of those on sometime after turning 20 somethink k miles with it too in a few years.
FWIW- The Honda GL1800/Goldwing riders have been using this "double-dark" combination for a while. It works for them and those guys put on some miles that would take 5-7 Vic's to do. Go to:
For more info and reviews, etc - gl1800iders dot com.
My Dunflop in the front is still fine, but it will go away sooner or later.

CrazyDiavelRider said:
From what I unhderstand and I hope no one drops their bike if it has a Tire not intended for that motorcycle you are not covered by your insurance.

I didn't think a trailer hitch would make you get a smaller tire. I do not have a hitch, so I can't say. If you need a smaller tire, I would bet that the stock E3 is rubbing somewhere.

However, a Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 RF (Runflat) in 195/55-16 is the same overall diameter of the stock E3. Even the overall width is the same. I have one and am very pleased with the long distance stuff I do. (2011 XC) I feel much better in the gobs of rain I have ridden in - similar to what Rollin does, but much less.

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