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HUGE NEWS! Ford CEO Finally Confirms New "Agency Model"

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What they're saying is pretty much what GM was trying to establish back in the early 80's with the Saturn project. Fixed pricing.
We used to run our sale specials at our Chevy/Olds dealership every few months with the " No dicker sticker price" which was quite successful everytime.
The zone Rep watched us and submitted that concept. We were in NJ which is in the biggest zone.
Of course as manufacturers and dealers always do is F it up and the negotiations began. Iaccoa screwed alot up trying to restore Chrysler. Rebate, huge discounts is the only way people would buy your product for the most part... Dealers are so competitive. So maybe the dealer reduction will help with that. Limited product they can charge more, permanent price point and keep people coming to the dealer.
Of course the No dicker sticker slogan might reappear. Then it's, bring your wife and we'll dicker. 😂
Happy I didn't take the offer to buy into a Saturn dealership.

As far as E vehicles I wish the public would take a serious look into how Un Green they are. Lithium mines, cobalt is more destructive to mother earth. Slave labor, look at the mines in Africa alone. So many deaths that aren't reported and just thrown into a hole for burial. It's brutal! And we have 1 lithium mine so all of it comes from our adversaries and they also do all the refining, not exactly to US health type standards. I mean 500 tons of soil digging for just 1 Tesla battery worth of lithium is quite excessive.
And that's just for autos, never mind everything else. So much more to this but few really investigate so the sheep are following the hype.
The only thing Green about this new aristocracy they're forcing upon the world are the Benji's. Again sooo very much more to all this. And the numbers are out there, people just have to care and educate. Of course another question is also how many can actually afford an E car, now or in the near future. Hello public transportation for almost everyone. Ugh! Living where I do I'd literally have to keep it 100% charged at all times and maybe, just maybe I could get to the closet city for specialist Drs, hospital... But with these long mountain pulls I'd seriously doubt it. Not against but at least infrastructure first before bleeding everyone.
I can go on and on...
More to this than IMHO.
Still waiting for the Nascar " Swoosh " series, All E cars 😆
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