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How do I fly with my helmet?

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At first I planned on just wearing it and walking into the airport. Someone is sure to give me direction of SOME kind I am sure! And it's not like they can mace me- I AM wearing a helmet. But then I decided that there must be a better option? Do I need to check it in as luggage? I can't imagine they allow a full face as a carry on. What about steel toe boots? Can I just wear them on my feet?
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I would carry on my helmet to prevent any damage or beating, prefferably in a helmet bag. I would also wear my steel toes and be sure to put to have "Stinky Feet" if they decide they want to check you.

Basically carry on anything that is fit to you and things you need regardless in case of lost luggage. (That NEVER happens!)

Look on NewEnough.com for a helmet bag. i'm sure you can find one rather inexpensive. I definitley would not check it with luggage as they toss things around.

Check with the airline you are flying with for their carry on policy.
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