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How do I fly with my helmet?

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At first I planned on just wearing it and walking into the airport. Someone is sure to give me direction of SOME kind I am sure! And it's not like they can mace me- I AM wearing a helmet. But then I decided that there must be a better option? Do I need to check it in as luggage? I can't imagine they allow a full face as a carry on. What about steel toe boots? Can I just wear them on my feet?
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SofaKingBlue said:
All you have to do is run the boots and helmet through the x-ray. Just for fun, strap on the helmet just before take-off and see if anyone reacts. I was politely asked to place the helmet under the seat in front of me.
This would be a great gag . Thanks for the chuckle . I can almost see myself doing it . Perhaps with the aid of a couple quick shot prior to boarding.
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