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Highway peg options for Vision, Need Input.

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Ok I know its been discussed before, but Im looking for solutions. Ive seen the stock Victory pegs (Too far back for me) Ive seen noemtz slide outs, they look good but they seem pricey for what they are, Kyryakin makes all different types but its confusing on which adapters and brackets i need. Im 6' tall and want to go off the tip of the tipovers or a boot rest like noemtz' without spending 200 bucks for a couple pieces of aluminum (steel?)
Anyone have experience being taller? Or could tell me the parts i need from a company like Kyryakin? Pictures of your application?
Thanks everyone.

oh yeah, im headed on a trip Oct 1st so i need them right away. :)
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Sorry but it will be hard to do what you want for under &200. I purchased the mounts from Arizona Victory they mount to the tie down holes under the front tip overs http://www.arizonavictory.com/eshop...uct_741556.Vision_Road_Peg_Bracket_for_Ta.htm. Then used foot pegs from Joker Machine http://www.jokermachine.com/itemstreet2004.asp?ItemID=426&CategoryID=84&Placeholder=0
Clubford00 said:
texas your link is the same for both. Yes I tried to get those and they were backordered for 2 months, but didnt tell me that when i ordered them.

Ammo i looked at those too but they didnt even fold in plus they are 239$

Im not trying to be cheap, ill pay 200 bucks gladly if i think its worth 200 bucks. I wont pay 200 for something that should be 75
Thanks for the feedback guys
I fixed it not sure what happened
The brackets from AZ mount under the front tip overs they send you the bolts to go into the threaded holes. Then you also need the Kyryakyn longhorn offset mounts they clear the tip overs perfect but I wish the came a bit longer.You can really get your legs stretched out with this set up & the nice thing with the Joker pegs they allow you more foot rest area.
dr_reloader said:
I went a different route. I had the Victory foot peg installed on the floor board and took the stock pegsoff, then I added the "Kuryakyn 2 inch Adjustable Lockable Offset without Male Mount" then I added a "Kuryakyn Flamin Switchblade with Male Mount". This set up does extend a little past the tip overs, and theheel I normally don't use but is there if I want them. I use the offset to extend outand straight ahead. Thiskeeps themfar away from the otor but close to the bike.It alows a lot of wind for airing out my legs. I can easily fold up the pegs easily when I don't want them while I am riding or when I park the bike.
This is one example that works for me. I really like this set up...
I woud like to see a pic of that set up if possible.
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