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Highway peg options for Vision, Need Input.

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Ok I know its been discussed before, but Im looking for solutions. Ive seen the stock Victory pegs (Too far back for me) Ive seen noemtz slide outs, they look good but they seem pricey for what they are, Kyryakin makes all different types but its confusing on which adapters and brackets i need. Im 6' tall and want to go off the tip of the tipovers or a boot rest like noemtz' without spending 200 bucks for a couple pieces of aluminum (steel?)
Anyone have experience being taller? Or could tell me the parts i need from a company like Kyryakin? Pictures of your application?
Thanks everyone.

oh yeah, im headed on a trip Oct 1st so i need them right away. :)
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Just read this thread.....Dean, This could be the best possible option out there.

Dr-reloader, We would all be very very very very grateful if we could get a look at this setup. Also, do you have the part numbers you used for the pegs and the adjustable lockable offset? Also, where did you get them? JP Cycle?

One more question for you: could you turn the pegs in towards the bike instead of having them outbound? If you could it would help to narrow up the "spread-eagle" feeling.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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