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I bought some gear recently on the heated clothing outlet and my wife has been complaining about hot spots with the jacket liner. I sent it back in for warranty and they said there was nothing they could do. They asked if it was properly sized and I informed them that we were sized with a local dealer so they should fit properly. After some email exchanges I expressed my dislike of having a product that I could not use since I just spent 130 bucks on it. All of out other gears works fine. Tina from Gerbing's response was "The other option would be to sell the item on EBay. We have had a lot of customers that have been very successful selling their heated clothing via EBay." I then responded and copied the local sales rep. and she responded "Unfortunately, I'm unable to help since you purchased fromthe outlet. From your email, I thought you had purchased
the item from Maxim.The outlet states:
>>Products sold on this store are fully operational but may
contain a slight flaw, minor blemish, or the product may be
slightly used, but still in close to new condition. Some
products may be 100% new but are being discontinued by the
manufacturer. All products sold through
HeatedClothingOutlet.com are sold as is. ALL SALES ARE
My understanding was that Gerbing gear carried a lifetime warranty on the electrical components. Short of it is..Gerbing does not seem to want to fix stuff from the outlet...so be careful.

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Hey Mrwatson,
Thanks forthe info - I was considering the same and I'm now looking elsewhere. IF one buys there and then a high percentage endup selling on eBay - what does that say not only about eh store, but also about the gear. As you I am certainly not interested in buyingsomething I'm not happy with and have to turn around and sell it on ebay...... Thumbs down for the outlet.... and perhaps Gerbling too!
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