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Happy Veterans Day 2022 - Are You a Military Service Member or Military Veteran?

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Happy Veterans Day

Attached is an official photo of me taken back in roughly the Summer of 1993 as part of my promotion packet for the centralized Dept. of the Army promotion board for Sergeant First Class. Back then, I was a Staff Sergeant and very hungry for a job as a Sergeant First Class Tank Platoon Sergeant. That was over 70 pounds ago, no gray hair, and no thinning hair, though I wore my hair as a very close-cut flat-top. I was stationed in the then recently reunified Germany. Germany reunified back in October 1990. Those were the days. 馃檪

Are you a current military service member or military veteran?
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You can probably figure out where my time was spent. 1990-2001 Nuclear Electrician Submariner. Been to the Bahamas 27 times, I wasn鈥檛 impressed, it always looked like a fast attack engine room to me.
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