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gear indicator

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just started experiencing problems with 5th gear on the gear indicator. it goes from 4th to 6th. the gear is in 5th but it shows up as 6th and when I go to 6th it just stays in 6th. when I downshift from 6th to fth it shows up as 4th? any one else?? approx 2.500 miles
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So from what I understand, the problem actually is on the "right" side and has to do with a dirty detent where the indicator sits, which prevents a good competion of the circuit. The quick fix on the left side doesn't work and (from what I've been told) the switch isn't the problem either. I'm getting mine done soon so I'll report back on it later:)) I'm having the water taken out of my headlight assembly and HID bulb replaced due to water infux.......
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