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Found a Unicorn

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Well, am a huge Vision fan and have owned two, well three now. Just was able to pick up this 2008 Vision is beautiful condition with only 2,100 miles on it. The PO just had a full service done on it as well so is pretty much good to go. There was a rebuilt title in its history but two inspections were done getting it to Florida as is all good. Have a little tweaking to do to hit, throttle is a little jerky coming off but overall in great shape. Let the fun begin. So excited to be on one again. Now I need the heel shifter.
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You may already know but the 08 needs the full shifter not just the add on heel part. There are no holes in that shifter to add the heel shifter to it.

Unless it was replaced with a new one at some point.
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Congrats. Awesome find. Be safe and ride well!
only 2K miles is a unicorn indeed!
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