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For Sale *** 2008 Victory Vegas Low Vampire Pearl ***

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Okay, I got it back and now it is for sale... 2008 Victory Vegas Low with House of Kolors Vampire Pearl paint job. These were the actual skins used in the 2008 Victory Accessory catalog. Add ons are as follows...
Vampire Pearl Paint
Comfort Grips
Powerlet adapter
Brake Away cruise control
MBW front LED rings
Swept Exhaust with download
Memphis Shades windshield with quick detach mount.
There are to small imperfections in the paint one is shown on the rear fender, the other didnt come up in the photo but is on the left side of the tank where a small rock hit it.
Price.... $ 8,150.00 and it is pretty firm...

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advntrus said:
Wow! Now that's a pretty looking bike. Was it your wifes?
Thanks. It was the wife's, she put about 5 miles on it. I started riding it when I started to customize my 08...
Nah Club, even though it was bought and built for her I never really considered it hers since she never really rode it. She had 3 bikes and put a total of 20 miles on the three of them.
That would make this a very expensive bike...lol
advntrus said:
Rollin said:
Don's ex??
UH......OK, I've never actually "Meet" her. So I have no idea if you're kidding or not. But she looks like she has all the required intelligence Don would need.......
The ex was better looking but not that healthy!

bubba said:
Great looking bike!!!!
Thanks Bubba..
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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