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Football Top 25 Games

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Here's the list of the match-ups for the day. Some real good inter-state rivalries today in Florida & Michigan & California.
AP Top 25
#1 Alabama vs. #19 S. Carlolina
Should be a good game. Goodpotential. Alabama.
#2 Ohio St vs. Indiana
Ohio St.
#3 Oregon vs. Washington St.
Call the Corner for the Washington St. cougars
#4 Boise St. vs. Toledo
Boise continues to dominate
#5 TCU vs. Wyoming
TCU rolls
#6 Oklahoma - off
#7 Nebraska 48, Kansas St. 13 - Final
#8 Auburn vs. Kentucky
#9 Arizona vs. Oregon St.
A tough game. Aregon St. was just dropped from the Top 25 because of losses to other Top 25 teams. Looking to rebound. I call Arizona to win.
#10 Utah vs. Iowa St.
#11 Arkansas vs. Texas A&M
#12 LSU vs. #14 Florida
LSU. Florida hasnot been playing up to their potential.
#13 Miamai vs. #23 Florida St.
Great inter-state rivalry. Florida St. has some sood horses & are much improved.
I call Miami in a good game.
#14 Florida vs. #12 LSU
LSU. Florida is not the same Florida.
#15 Iowa - off
#16 Stanford vs. USC
USC was dropped from the Top 25 after losing to an un-ratedWashington by 1 point this las t week. Stanford lost to a tough Oregon. Both teams lookingto rebound & have someting to prove. I call this game a toss up. Should be good.
#17 Michigan St. vs. #18 Michigan
Serious inter state rivalry. Potentially one of the best games of the day.High emotions & bragging rights. Michigan St.
#18 Michigan vs. Michigan St.
Michigan St. - hard fought game.
#19 S. Carolina vs. #1 Alabama
#20 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
#21 Nevada vs. San Jose St.
Nevada rolls
#22 Oklahoms St. 54, LA-Lafayette 28 - Final
#23 Florida vs. #13 Miami
Bam - Bam - Bam!!!! Miami!
#24 Missouri vs. Colorado
Toss up
#25 Air Force vs. Colorado St.
Air Force - a very good team this year.
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ddawg said:
Andy said:
ddawg said:
Huge upset in the making!!!!
7 min. to go -
#1 Abama 21, #19 S. Carolina 35!!!!
S. Carolina's previous record against #1 teams - 0-4!!!
Here we go!!!!
I would have never guessed that Bama would get Rolled Over by S. Carolina.
Agreed!!!! Alabama looked like the "real deal" this year. Especially after they smashed Florida! Wowzi!!
Steve Spurrier is grinning ear to earafter this win. He has done a tremendous job building the South Carolina Gamecocks. Way to go Steve & Co.!!!
I must say though - it makes me a little nervous - hearing those S. Carolina cheerleaders yelling "Go Cocks!!" all game long. It's a little different in today's "Politically Correct" world! I just can't bring myself to join the cheer. LOL!!!
Hate to say it, but Florida has been over rated this year. We have a new team, and no real identity. Not sure how long we will see Brantly as #1. Espesialy if the O line leaves him open for pounding after pounding.
Spurrier is the most dangerous coach in collage ball. If he sets his sites on you; you are going to get beat
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