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Football Top 25 Games

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Here's the list of the match-ups for the day. Some real good inter-state rivalries today in Florida & Michigan & California.
AP Top 25
#1 Alabama vs. #19 S. Carlolina
Should be a good game. Goodpotential. Alabama.
#2 Ohio St vs. Indiana
Ohio St.
#3 Oregon vs. Washington St.
Call the Corner for the Washington St. cougars
#4 Boise St. vs. Toledo
Boise continues to dominate
#5 TCU vs. Wyoming
TCU rolls
#6 Oklahoma - off
#7 Nebraska 48, Kansas St. 13 - Final
#8 Auburn vs. Kentucky
#9 Arizona vs. Oregon St.
A tough game. Aregon St. was just dropped from the Top 25 because of losses to other Top 25 teams. Looking to rebound. I call Arizona to win.
#10 Utah vs. Iowa St.
#11 Arkansas vs. Texas A&M
#12 LSU vs. #14 Florida
LSU. Florida hasnot been playing up to their potential.
#13 Miamai vs. #23 Florida St.
Great inter-state rivalry. Florida St. has some sood horses & are much improved.
I call Miami in a good game.
#14 Florida vs. #12 LSU
LSU. Florida is not the same Florida.
#15 Iowa - off
#16 Stanford vs. USC
USC was dropped from the Top 25 after losing to an un-ratedWashington by 1 point this las t week. Stanford lost to a tough Oregon. Both teams lookingto rebound & have someting to prove. I call this game a toss up. Should be good.
#17 Michigan St. vs. #18 Michigan
Serious inter state rivalry. Potentially one of the best games of the day.High emotions & bragging rights. Michigan St.
#18 Michigan vs. Michigan St.
Michigan St. - hard fought game.
#19 S. Carolina vs. #1 Alabama
#20 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
#21 Nevada vs. San Jose St.
Nevada rolls
#22 Oklahoms St. 54, LA-Lafayette 28 - Final
#23 Florida vs. #13 Miami
Bam - Bam - Bam!!!! Miami!
#24 Missouri vs. Colorado
Toss up
#25 Air Force vs. Colorado St.
Air Force - a very good team this year.
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ddawg said:
Huge upset in the making!!!!
7 min. to go -
#1 Abama 21, #19 S. Carolina 35!!!!
S. Carolina's previous record against #1 teams - 0-4!!!
Here we go!!!!
I would have never guessed that Bama would get Rolled Over by S. Carolina.
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