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Florida boy in for a big surprise...Chicago

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Hello everyone. I am picking up anchor pretty soon and headed to the Chicago area from Jupiter, Fl. I have never lived north of tallahassee and I know I am in for a HUGE shock. BUT, I was wondering if all you northerners could give me a few tips, pointers, etc to help extend my riding season and what is needed for winterizing the scoot when i cant ride anymore.

Whether I need it or not, I went ahead and ordered the heated grips, heated seat, and the soft leather closeouts. I know a lot of people ride with heated jacket liners and other stuff and I guess I will find out more as I get into it BUT you guys of course talk to other people and have a good idea of what is typically needed to stay warm and prolong the riding season. I am just looking for some of those tidbits.

Also, is there a pretty standard practice that everyone follows for winterizing the bike after the riding season is finally over? How late in the year can you usually ride and when can you head out again? usually? That is going to be the hardest thing of all. Not being able to hop on the bike for a full day of riding in January.

Lastly, I heard Randy’s bike shop up there is pretty good but is that the only one around worth using?

Lastly, hopefully I can meet up with some of you guys that are local. I’ll be leaving the familiar and friends behind down here in Fl and it would be nice to meet up with some other fellow Vic riders.

Thanks in advance.
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marty said:
I ride through the winter but I stop using the bike mid November.In parts of Canada it is law to install certified snow tires on vehicles (not 4 season tires) because it is fact that tires loose their traction and stopping power at temperatures below 7*celcius (45*farenhite) so us bikers should be aware that our relatively soft bike compounds loose much of their characteristics so be aware Trickel chargers are a good idea for your battery but I just disconnect mine and store it indoors. Clean her up some and you could add a fuel stabilizer to the tank but I have never done that and it always starts easily in the spring (June) and all my previous bikes were Harleys so I don't expect a lick of trouble from my Vic. Welcome to the beginning of the NORTH
I'm no expert but fuel stabilizer is not only to keep the fuel fresh but it prevents varnish from building up in the fuel system including things like injectors. As with everything, too much is as bad as too little so follow the directions if you choose to use it. Personaly I use it in all my gasoline burning equipment. There was a time when we would fog the engine but with fuel stabilizer it is no longer necessary.
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