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Finally after like 5 years, I may be pulling the trigger on a bike.

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For those that don't know me or have not seen me on here in awhile I sold my 11 XC about 5 years ago to help pay the bills while my wife was finishing up her schooling. Thought we had enough saved prior but just would not have made it in the end without the sell. Anyways the time has finally come and she gave me the go ahead to find one I want. Have been searching for a solid couple months now and have not come across anything that really stuck out anywhere within decent distance from the bank. Got lucky enough that a guy just put one on like 3 streets down from where I work. What a perfect scenario for me, seeing as how I am a big believer in things happen for a reason. So now for the bike it is a 2016 XC Magnum X1, with 18k miles. Aftermarket includes VM1 cams, Lloydz AF, UD pulley, Barnett Clutch, V&H pipes, and all tuned with Maximus by Conquest whom also did all the upgrade work. Also has taller bars, and a more upgraded sound system. The bag lids are something I will try to get used to but unsure as of yet but does come with the stock ones as well. Only thing I would really like to add is trunk and a more comfy seat instead of the low pro sporty looking seat. Will have better pics when I can but these are from the ad on FB MP. Thank you for reading as I am super pumped about the bike and will be happy to get back on here and talk more.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts