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Fall Is the Best riding here in the midwest

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I like to ride in the fall.There is alot going on .Alot of Great scenic roads with the changing colors of leaves.Not to hot.This weekend I am going for a ride with a RIDING CLUB Called Southern Cruisers Riding club #72. this is a great group to ride with . with great destinations.In northern Illinois there are 3 starting points we meet at for breakfast ,Then go on the rides.We Welcome people with any brand name motorcycles.This group is safe to ride with because safety is 1st.Hey....Does this sound like a sales pitch? Well there are no dues as this club is a non-profit organization.Check out some rides we have done and a few we have left to do.http://www.nilscrc.org/EventSchedule.htm
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Yesterday(Sun 10/3)was a trip to the Jelly Belly "retail outlet" in Pleasant Prarie, WI. Our First Officer and ride captain led us on some very nice roads in Northern Il and Southern Wisconsin. We passed some beautiful homes near Lake Geneva and passed some gorgeous trees changing colors along the way.
If you are in the area do come out and join us. We know there are many choices these days as to who to ride with and where to go. We do not do any bar hopping, poker runs and very rarely does the club as a whole participate in Charity runs. Historical or scenicdestinations are usually on the schedule. We do have a good time and enjoy each other's company.

Some shots of today's group and ride along Rock River in IL.
We had 4 Vics out of 9 bikes!

http://s290.photobucket.com/albums/...k River October 9th 2010/?albumview=slideshow
Tim, who attended today's ride with the XR, please pm or email me your contact info.
Thanks, Jim
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