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Fall Is the Best riding here in the midwest

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I like to ride in the fall.There is alot going on .Alot of Great scenic roads with the changing colors of leaves.Not to hot.This weekend I am going for a ride with a RIDING CLUB Called Southern Cruisers Riding club #72. this is a great group to ride with . with great destinations.In northern Illinois there are 3 starting points we meet at for breakfast ,Then go on the rides.We Welcome people with any brand name motorcycles.This group is safe to ride with because safety is 1st.Hey....Does this sound like a sales pitch? Well there are no dues as this club is a non-profit organization.Check out some rides we have done and a few we have left to do.http://www.nilscrc.org/EventSchedule.htm
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Riding in the fall is best. Did a ride around Lk Superior just a week ago and I must say, the Canadians have the most scenic shoreline of the lake. The colors hadn't peaked yet, I imagine it's really good now between Wawa and the Sault.
Going around Lk Michigan this weekend, hopefully the colors are peaking there..
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