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OneThumb said:
Along my way of thinking too, I think I'll go to this festival now even if it's raining, cold and they are forcasting snow, thanks for the heads up.
yah, well maybe i'll just show up at your apple and butter festival, the game doesn't start until 18:30
Besides I thought you were a PC guy

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Fall Fairs are hitting our area, great day trips
This posting is just for information only for riders in my area.
I will be riding up there with my local riding group The CMC for breakfast, Hot pancakes, sausages and applesauce, lots of other tastey treats also.
Don't forget their Apple Butter.
Antique Car show through town, some beauty's there.
We will be meeting at Duffs Cornners (hwy 2 & 53) at the Tims there.
Kickstands up at 8:00 am.
Parking - We usually park near the arena by the pavillion even under it sometimes.
We will be taking the back roads there.
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