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Early Vegas keyless gas cap

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I've had a hard time finding parts and specs for my 2003 vegas. It seems everything is out there for later model bikes, but specifically the first 3 years are hard to find anything. Even WitchDoctors has nothing listed for my bike in terms of a gas cap even when you include out of stock parts.

I'd wanted a keyless gas cap since I got the bike this past summer. I've seen other posts about later year bikes, especially the xc, magnum, etc. I've seen mentions of using this has cap specifically, but in a different hole spacing. I took measurements of my cap screw spacing and compared it against the typically cited GSXR caps, and found mine was different. It took some digging, but I finally found a version that had the same hole spacing as mine. It's advertised on amazon as:
"Arashi CNC Keyless Fuel Tank Gas Cap Cover for Yamaha YZF R6 R6S R1 R3 R15 R25 R125 / FZ1 FZ1000 FAZER / FZ6 FAZER / FZ6R / FZ8 / FAZER / FJR1300 Motorcycle Replacement Accessories Black"
I'm not certain about the fitment for other bikes, but it's a reference anyway.

This cap seems well made, and I like the closure mechanism. It's not flush to the tank in the middle, but I'm not running a tank bag or anything like that so I don't care. It looks like they come in a variety of colors, though the one I got was black partly because it was the only one that actually referenced the hole spacing in the product listing. I did a pencil rubbing to confirm my measurements and I'll attach a picture if the forum will let me. Basically of the 5 screws, only 3 actually do anything. The one closest to the handlebars and the two closest to the rider. The spacing on mine are 63mm between the two closest to the rider, and 83mm between each of those two and the one at the center top closest to the tree. The GSXR caps mentioned elsewhere have different spacing than that and wouldn't fit my bike.

Install is super easy, take out the 3 screws and open the original cap with your key to take out the 4th underneath. Install the new cap using the 3 screws provided or your original 3 longer screws. Tighten evenly moving around as you go. Takes all of 5 minutes including opening the box if you have a 4mm Allen wrench handy. The new cap has a seal on an extension to a vent hole at the bottom that my tank doesn't actually have. My vent is over on the left side above the center line. I was somewhat concerned but there is no vent anything on the original cap either, so victory wasn't hugely concerned about it apparently. We'll see, but I got a whoosh opening my original cap to change it, so the new one shouldn't be any different I would think.

The part number on my new cap from Arashi is either HQ-40-BK or HQ-40-B-1 depending on if you look at the box or the packing slip. The b or bk part appears to be the black designation. It was shipped from China, but arrived in only about a week and a half, more than a week ahead of what they projected.
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Also, as a follow-up while I was posting this I saw the bold letters on the packing slip about making sure to use thread locker on the 3 bolts. There was none on my original cap clearly, but it wouldn't hurt. I pulled the bolts to add some blue thread locker to them, and checked the under side of the new cap and gaskets. There's a clear indentation on the gasket at the gas filler hole, so I'm certain that this is sealing well. The screws feel like they bottom out with no indication of any contact between the bottom of the cap and the paint inside that recess on the tank, so I'm assuming that the screws are bottoming out in their sockets in the tank. I re-used my original screws, but the new ones are exactly the same length so I believe this is how it should fit.

Looks good, easy to open and close, no more key or flap with a key in the way while filling.
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