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I believe BadAss Billet makes covers, but I put a few messages out to them and didn't get a reply. I think there may be some other issues going on there, but nevertheless, I tried to find something I could do to cover my Pioneer head unit in case of rain.
Now, this is just a basic intro, and I'm not done tinkering with it.... But I've never heard of this stuff, and wanted to put it out there in case other people were looking for something similar. I got Polly Plastics Heat Moldable Plastic Sheets off Amazon.

This stuff is pretty cool and I was even able to use it to cover the radio inside the fairing. You can heat it up and it molds to whatever shape you need it. It's a little tricky to do, cuz once heated up, it's sticky and you can heat it up too much so that it's too "watery". I wish I did it before I had the radio on the bike, but oh well.

Again, it's not pretty, and I'm not done, but it should do the job..
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