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Custom Seats Beware!

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This happened to me.
Last November I ordered a custom seat from one of the premier seat builders in Calfornia. The order was on Black Friday. The scheduled build date was 1/14/14. I sent my seat out before Christmas to ensure that it was there on time. It was delivered on 1/7/14. The build time was suppose to be 10-14 days as stated in the scheduling E-Mail I received. Two weeks later nothing, the delivery dates dates kept getting pushed out. I got the seat in early May. It looked ok. It was to be reconstructed to my weight and to address the hot spot that was annoying my inner thighs. The co-pilot was sliding forward so this was also to be fixed. The reconstruction was also to be done on the pillion. It was stated by the builder that it would take 600-800 miles to (break-in). After 2000 there was no change in the seat. It seemed to be just like it was before on the rider portion. She was not having the problem of sliding forward any more. I decided to find out what the problem was. I was not going to send it back to the person that took 5 months to return my property. The headache associated in dealing with this guy was not worth the trouble.
I called Pat Mitchell of Astech Seats in Jonesboro IN. I called on 7/9/14, they had me in at 12:00 noon on7/12/14. We talked about the problem. Then they tore it down!! There was no reconstruction of the foam done. The seat had been ground on a little, it looked like I had done the work. There was a V shaped piece of foam glued to the pillion side up close to the back rest to keep her from sliding forward. There was also a piece of cloth backed foam glued to both the front and rear sections to cover up the crappy grind job. There is supposed to be a plastic piece that secures the bottom of the drivers pocket to the seat pan. It was not reinstalled so the leather in back of the pocket was loose and wrinkled. It really looked bad.
Pat's crew went to work, they rebuilt my seat while I waited. They installed a special honeycombed gel in the bottom of both front and back, then built up both section to each of our weight using layers of different density of foam. The grind job Jeff did was impressive. They put the seat back together using the cover Mr. California had made. They also require a break in period. I have put about 175 miles on it and it is spot on. The seat supports me now and the hot spot is gone.
Ray Charles can see the difference in the pictures below. The first two show that no reconstruction was done that is the original foam.
The next two are is a result of what Pat and his crew did. The last is what the seat looks like now.
Please keep in mind that that Astech did not make the leather cover, they did everything they could to make it look as good as it does.
I have had Pat build a seat for a Harley that I had and It was Really Nice. If you are interested in a custom seat contact Pat at Astech seats. Phone # is 765-674-7448. Many thanks to everyone at Astech.


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Blowndodge said:
It can't be Russell Day Long because my saddle was done in 14 days and it's perfect!
You are correct it is NOT Russell Day Long.
Kingpin_Bulldog said:
If you were not wanting to give us the name of the guys who did the botched job you could have saved you and us some time and left that out of the story.

I also do not understand why if you have a great seat guy that you used before why you would send your seat off when you wanted another one. What was the perk of the Cali guy that made you choose him over Pat?
Just wanted people to know what happened to me! I am also at this trying to get my money back. The reason I went to the Cali guy was my brother said that he new some guys that had used him. Come to find out the people did ride in fittings. I did not do enough home work, and that is most certainly my fault. I am not trying to slay anyone. I would also suggest that anyone that is going to have custom work done paint, seats, motor work etc. do more homework than I did. Pat did a good job and that is worth mention! Sorry if you feel that I have wasted you time!
catwrench59 said:
I think I may have dealt with the same Cali seat shop. I bought my bike used and it had a custom seat from well known builder. After the first 500 mi I knew I wasn't happy. So I contacted the vender and sent them the seat with Pics and all the information. I am now happy with the Driver part but my wife still isn't. I spoke with the man I bought the bike from and learned he wasn't happy either but had tried twice before to ge it corrected and gave up. Had I known then what I know now I would have either gone to a different seat or to In. and visited Astech. Not only did it cost me shipping but 250 for the rebuild of the seat. I too won't bash someone on a forum but no it's not Russell.
I think we are on the same page. And I won't bash until I become perfect. Many people have trashed a vendor from Florida and I have nothing but good things to say about him. He was a little slow in getting my order out but I new that when I placed the order, it also did not cause any down time. I hope he is doing well and will buy from him again. Many people may be pleased with the guy that botched my seat. If they are I would not try to take anything away from them and hope they have good luck the next time.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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