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Well I got tired of the headlight rattle and the flicker due to the vibrations. So I ripped the assembly apart and found the cause was the sheet metal upper mount bracket flexing fore and aft. Now that I have this installed I no longer get ANY shake or rattle. This is a relatively simple fix. Takes approximately $1 in materials, about 5 hours of labor, and a few 6 packs.

Tools required:
1.5" socket
Etching primer
Black appliance enamel paint
Hex to remove the headlight (I don't remember the size)
Flathead screwdriver to remove headlight wire connectors, and adjusters from the upper bracket
Grinder with stripper wheel
Grinder with wire wheel
Welder and peripherals
Cutting device for raw materials

Stock upper bracket is WAY thinner material than the lower mount. Here are the shaping tools all materials.

Shaping the material to fit the arch of the top of the stock bracket.

Final cut and shape of raw material

Cleaning up the two pieces

Tack together

Decent enough penetration

Final weld pre-cleanup. Not pretty but structurally sound ;)

Did a little playing with settings to bead them together since they are two drastically different thicknesses before cleaning it up. Here is the final product.

and installed on the bike (minus the chrome surround)

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Congrats on a bettered design!
Would remaking the factory bracket out of thicker material work?

Absolutely, thicker material would be better than stock but because of the span between the bolts this truss style fix will yield the most strength. I would imagine thicker material would still allow some flicker but cure the rattle. In doing this you would have to figure out a way to keep the adjuster and chrome mounting points thin to allow them to be reconnected

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I finally had enough with the rattle, it was truly getting ridiculous. The issue with my headlight was the fact that the adjustment screws could wiggle on the top mounting bracket ever so slightly. I removed the headlight from the bike and ran a couple of very small zip ties through the rubber nut at the bottom of the adjustment screw and wrapped around the adjustment screw hole on the top mounting bracket. I did the same thing for both adjustment screws. Now the adjustment screws do not wiggle what so ever on the top mounting bracket and the entire headlamp is rock solid. Nobody will ever know those zip ties are there because everything is hidden behind the bezel. That fix was so easy and I'm wishing I would have tried something a long time ago!
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