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Crazy 2015 Indian Chieftain Performance Upgrade

Discussion in 'Indian Chieftain' started by crosscountryla, Jun 13, 2019.

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    Found this post on an Indian forum.

    Gotta brag on Todd and the mechanics at ‘Indian Motorcycles of Libertyville’. Per my request for mega performance, Todd and team completed an aggressive engine upgrade on my 2015 ‘Indian Chieftain’. Basically, I received more than I could ever have dreamt of! My Chieftain now puts out a true 128 ft-lbs. of torque and an amazing ~115 HP. No kidding (Reference attached Dyno)!! This type of upgrade is not for everyone, but … if you have the experience and love torque and speed … it’s both a missile and a supersized tractor. It simply rips!!!

    I am probably forgetting something here, but In a nutshell, the pistons, connecting rods and some valve-train components were implemented from the ‘Indian 116 kit’ but, with special ‘Todd engineered’ cams (for those whom wish to know: 595 Lift; durations of 220 [Intake] and 244 [Exhaust]; 110 cam-centerline), oversized injectors (450cc), ‘Rush’ 3-inch baffles and an ‘Libertyville Indian X Pipe’. The motor is gulping air via a factory Indian round air filter. Finally, there is the super-secret ingredient - which is Todd’s special timing/mapping for the engine.

    I have been riding for around 46 years (racing and pleasure) and am truly surprised at my new ride’s performance. When riding, I can feel the torque output climbing aggressively (but, also amazingly smooth) to a sweet spot of just over 3K rpm … to over 4.5K rpm. After that (with my shoulder joints about to rip apart from holding on) … the motor keeps pulling strong to redline. Not recommended for all, but I can be in 3rd, then punch it … and have the tire break loose … and sometime complimented with a bit of front wheel lift. Again, very fun! Thank you Todd & Indian team for making my dream upgrade a reality!

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