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Crash bars work very well

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Ironicly I put my blue CC on it's side Sunday during the Experienced Rider Course. This is the first bike I have ever put on its side while moving. A few things contributed to the accident, new bike, general stress from being on a course, and learning new techniques. The bike is less than three weeks old and although I'd ridden it quite a bit I still was just learning its quirks and how it handled. This is the first bagger I've ridden and by far the best handling so I know it wasn't the bike's fault.
So what happened? Well I was practicing right hand turns that grew consectutively tighter. I had made a couple of passes and couldn't quite make the tightest curve so I was looking down trying to find the cones and the bike went where I was looking, down on it's side. The bike did what it was supposed too, hit the crash bar and the right saddlebag, and slid about 5 feet or so. The motor was off by the time I hit the pavement. I wasn't hurt very badly, the worst thing is my tailbone where the bag hit me as it slid by. The instructor ran over and with his help we picked it up and set it on the sidestand. After I got my wits back I fired it back up and practiced that turn until I finally mastered it.
I amvery impressed with the crash bar and am even more confident in the bike.I will probably not ride another bike without a crash bar.
Colorado Springs
2011 Blue CC
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First of all, glad you're ok.

So when you lay a cross dresser on it's side, it hits the saddle bags? Kind of a step backwards, don't ya think?
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