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So.. I have a Pioneer stereo from Azzopardi... but was having issues and decided to just bypass it completely and connect my phone directly to the amp. Its all I used anyway. I'm no audiophile, so its good enough for me.

Question: I'm gonna take the radio out (for sale when I do, if anyone's interested), but wonder what I can do with the space in the future. I sold the factory stuff that was in it before. I was basically just looking for a cool cover plate or something. I dont want to cover the 2 spaces on the side, will probably use one for a garage door opener button. Anyone do anything similar or got any opinions on options? I havent looked much, but I'm also not very creative...

Any help is appreciated...
What kind of problems were you having? I just installed one of Dave's pioneers couple weeks ago. You are worrying me that I shouldn't have spent the money.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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