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Couple questions about my high ball

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I have a 2017 highball and everything that I look at online to purchase says fitment is for 2012-2016 highball and will not fit my bike. I previously owned a 2013 highball and to me I feel like they are 99.9% the same as far as assembly and how aftermarket parts would fit. Am I correct in assuming if it fits a highball it fits any year highball? Or am I missing something "special" about 2017 models? My guess is they aren't listed because of the whole last year of production thing but I have a hard time clicking buy now when there Is bright red letters in all caps telling me "THIS WILL NOT FIT YOUR MOTORCYCLE"

I'm looking for a nice set of seats for my bike and that has been giving me quite the hassle. If you have or know where I could find something nice like a mustang or that style of seats please let me know!

I am also looking for an older model headlight for my highball the long bullet style headlight. I am willing to purchase or even possibly trade strait up for one. Obviously I have the round model and I just hate the way it looks compared to the bullet.

Last but not least has anybody around here installed mirrors with running/blinker lights in them? I have always thought it was such a great look! I was wondering if there is a model out there that are better than others and if someone here has done the mod, how "crazy" installation is?
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I've tested all Victory headlights at my Highball. For me best looking was the big
round Vegas headlight from 2005. Maybe it's a good alternative and you like it too if do not find the long bullet style.

Greets from Germany

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very interesting how you took a highball and basically turned it into a Gunner.
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@rdeerx why the red x?
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