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considering a cc

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This is my first post. However I have read a lot here about the cc. Actually several hours was spent discovering a few answers I had. Most were answered.
I went to my local dealer to check on a trade and see it in person. my experience was a good 1.
I have several bikes and had planned on trading in my Ultra Classic. that will not happen but they were straight up and honest about things. That I am happy with.
i do like the looks of the cc and the feel seems good. Couldn't get a test ride as they did not have a demo bike.
The 1 experience I had which was most likely a first was the parts department. Since I will be keeping my ultra I am unable to get all the accessories I wanted at this time. My accessories list was close to $7,000. We are considering going ahead and getting the bike with only the trunk as a accessory. The parts guy said he would honor my discount for 90 days. he dropped the price on the $7,000 to $5,400. he is letting me get the trunk for $1,389.
They offered me the cc out the door for $17,000 with out the trunk.
now I have to move things around to get it in my shop with the other 4 bikes. Goldwing, Ultra Classic, VTX 1800 retro, and a VTX 1800 c. When will I ever stop this crazy buying.
oh well

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The three main dealers in the St Louis area will not budge off the $17,999 price. I tried to trade my 07 JP in on a 2010 CC and the best offer I could get on a trade was $9,500. I was more than upset with there offer as the JP has been chromed outand thebike is in perfect condition. If I could have got the CC for $1700 and at least $12,500 for my JP I would have done the deal and been satisfied.
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