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CHK ENG light and stopped

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I had a problem in my 2013 Judge last weekend. I have decided to go for a ride just 60-75 miles round trip. While coming back, the engine light started showing up and Big pops from pipes couple of times. I was sure that the sound isn't normal and seems something happening.
I pulled over to check what's going on. I was thinking to take down the Error code from the dial after Engine light message and call service section, nearby dealer to check how critical it is. However, I didn't get any numbers. I tried to start the MC, it doesn't start and showing some reading like 7.9, 7.8, 7.7....till it dies. Some 'Grrrrr' sound came after I hit the start button.
I towed the motorcycle to my home and tried the same to start the MC by hitting start button. No sound and no luck. I was sure that something went wrong in the battery connection. Checked the connections by clean the socket area, cables, bolts...etc. Now, I am able to see 'N' and 'Hizzing' from fuel pump. but, doesn't start??
Finally checked the battery to ensure it has good volts. It was 11.7x, But, when turn on the key, it went below 6.5 and slowly going down like 6.4, 6.3... and dies.
I was assume that it is because of battery and replaced with Duracell. Everything is back to normal. MC runs nice now. I am not sure how the battery died in the middle of run?