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Brand New Pipes - It was a moment in serendipity!!

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I scored what has to be one of the last sets of brand name slip on mufflers that were produced for Victory Cross Country. - Still NEW in the box. No major exhaust brands are still fabricating and selling for the Victory label. I know, I looked.

The planets were in all in alignment for me, so Vroomhilda will get a new voice as she has destined to become a keeper now into her 10th year, even as I ride less miles into old-er OG age... Speaking of - Just came across my 48th Sturgis T-shirt from 1988 hanging in the closet with the other meaningful symbolic relics of mine. Riding in from SoCal then.
**Anyway. These pipes look meticulously made and so well packed with such lustrous deep chrome and real old style rebuildable baffles that I was really impressed. I look forward to installing them to see how they sound and perform. Yes. I have a tuner and know what I am doing so not just making noise. More to come.


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I thought about it but I think most would be too loud for me. Happy with the tri oval but I need to sand them down and paint. Scratches lead to rust. :(
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