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brake and shift extensions

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I find the brake pedal on the kingpin to be too short for my liking. I have seen what I beleive are Kuryakyn replacements for the stock pedals. They look like the Kuryakyn comfort grips. I noticed they offered long and shorts. I am thinking a long on the brake side and the shorts on the gear shift side both heel and toe would be a nice set-up. Has anyone done that mod?
It looks like the replacements have an allen screw that screws in from the motor side to hole them on. The stock pegs do not seem to have that same set-up.
Are they threaded or pressed in? How do you remove them?
I would guess you could replace both the toe and heel shifter pegs to make a matching set along with the brake peg replacement.
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I put the long ones on all the corners. They screw in....make sure you put some blue thread lock on your new ones.
I found it odd that my originals had the RED thread locker on them (notorious for taking the threads right out with the part).
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