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I bought a Scala Q2 and have had it for well over a year. I have my phone bluetoothed to my GPS, TOMTOM rider 2, and the headset is bluetoothed to me GPS. The headset is also bluetoothed to my wifes Q2. The only problem is when Dennis Hopperis giving me directions I have to switch back to her when he is done (a single button to press).
I can see who is calling me and can either voice activate it or deny it or simply let it go. When I am stopped I can also make a phone call simply by using the screen on the TOMTOM.
I opted for this due to the fact I wanted to go wireless. The only draw back is you have to plug in the headsets and recharge the batteries. This set up works even in the rain as I had the pleasure to get caught up in this afternoon. Don't worry about me I was dry before I got back home. It was not lighting and I did not feel like stopping and putting on the rainsuit. It does feel good to play in the rain, it brought back some good memories
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