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Am I hearing my parts guy right that the only way to get Bluetooth is through the Garmin Zumo GPS? And IPOD is the only MP3 adaptable to use through the Vision radio? If not what are you folks using? I have a great GPS and MP player already. I hate to drop about 15 small to hear my music and answer my cell. Thanks for any response to this.
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No argument from me as I really thought the 2011 models would include Bluetooth. After all, it's available in most cars these days.

On the Vision, if you do not opt to get the iPod cable, there will be a mini-plug adapter in the glove box. You can connect just about any audio device to this plug and it will play though the AUX input on your Vision's audio system.

If you want to use your cell phone while riding, the best solution I've found is Cardo Systems G4. Here's a recent video on this device:

Just remember to ride safely...don't be like a cager talking on the phone!
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