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Black cheese wedge

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I am going to paint my cheese wedges black but want to keep the dimples chrome to match the grips and paint job im formulating (still working out how im going to do that). I think if it is too much of a pain, I will just drill out the dimples and stagger two different size flat top circled chrome bolts in their place to match the look of the cheese hole grips.
Any input would help. I should have a design of the look im going for tonight pictured.
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Just got my 8-ball and want to black out the wedges also.
What kind of paint did you use, and prep?
Clean them, scuff with a scotch brite & shoot?
I've used Krylon's "Fusion" for plastic in the past, and it seems to hold up pretty well.
They have a "hammered" finish that would match up with the engine case.

Seems like I could use a heat gun and remove the 100 badge, then either 3M tape or spray adhesive it back when done.

Thanks in advance.

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Parts List:
Krylon "Fusion" for plastic, black satin
Krylon clear satin
Red Scotch Brite pad
Mineral spirits (wipedown)
Heat gun (removing 100 badge)
3M heavy duty mounting tape

Popped off the wedges, started with the ignition side first.
Scuffed it up with the Scotch-Brite, making sure to scuff the dimples, key opening and edges. This won't remove the chrome paint, but will scuff it up some, even though the "Fusion for plastic" paint says you can just wipe down the item with mineral spirits and spray.

After scuffing & wipe down, while this one dried, I was ready to prep the badge side. I used the heat gun on low setting, heating the back side of the wedge. Holding it plenty far away as not to ruin the badge, or the wedge. Slowly heating the adhesive until the badge pretty much fell off. Used some WD-40 to remove the little bit of adhesive stuck to the wedge. The badge is thin metal, don't get in a hurry and bend it when lifting it off. Resist temptation to push through the back side keyhole opening too.

Now both pieces are prepped, and I wondered how to support the parts while painting, and be able to reach everything without touching it. Found a couple of paint cans that were just the right fit to hold the wedges snugly. I could turn them any way needed including upside down.

I shot 5 coats of paint on each, waiting 15 - 20 mins between coats. I let both sit for 1 hr after the last coat of black, before applying 3 or 4 light coats of satin clear.

Letting things dry overnight, and will re-attach the "100" badge & stick 'em on tomorrow. Personally, they looked better w/out the clear, but we'll see how things end up after they cure.
So far I have about $10 and 2.5 hrs invested (only had to buy paint and scotch-brite).

Will post final pics after complete and installed.
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