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Bike turned off, clutch lever pulled in feels like clutch is slightly enaged

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Hi, my 08 Hammer seems to have a little clutch engagement I let the bike sit and cool. When I sit on the bike, without the key in and the clutch lever pulled in I can try to move the bike and if feels like like the transmission slight enaged. I keep the bike parked in first gear to avoid and moving.
Does anyone else notice this with theirs? Thanks
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Wow I know I can type better than that lol. Guess that long day of ridingyesterday hasmea little tired.Thanks for the rely though.
Heres is another one. Just had the 500 maintenance done and put on about 150 more miles. Seems tome when Iam coming to a stop with the clutch pulled in and shifting the gears down from third into second, and second into first, that theshift seems to stop half way on occassion and have to hit the gear lever twice. Anyone else noticing this? Just seemed to start.
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