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We are planning a Vision-Riders Meet and Greet at Spirit Lake.
Here are the details.Here'sthe deal.On the Vision-Riders site the conversation got started about Vision riders that are going to
attend the AVR would have a predetermined time and spot to meet up with other Vision riders that they have
conversed with on the website. So I thought I'd put it out there for everyone that is interested. I thought that
we could meet at Lloyd's corner at 10 a.m. on Saturday Aug. 21st. Lloydz corner is right on the highway where
you turn into the amusement park. Lloyd will have his dyno set up there and there should be plenty of room
to park the bike and after the Meet and Greet maybe we can go on a ride. This just my thought so if anyone
has a better idea., feel free to speak up. Or another thought I had was to meet at the Pancake Feed at the
Roof Garden in the park. But if we do that we probably should meet at an earlier time(say 8 A.m.) on Saturday.
I will listen to suggestions through the weekend then we will have to decide the final meeting place.Lookingf
forward to meeting all of my on line friends.

Ride Safe, Mike
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