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I started riding at 10 in my uncles junk yard. He had a bunch of bikes there so the employees could ride way back in the yard to get parts off junk cars. Once the yard closed at night it was ride time.
I was hooked. There was something very special about having control of a gas powered vehicle at 10.
I have owned over 25 bikes. Always wanted to own something els.
In 2013 I bought a Cross Country Tour. Put just under 60,000 miles on that and sold it to my son.
Found a 2015 low milage Vision at a Harley dealer and bought it the same day.
A couple of years ago I bought a 2014 low mileage Suzuki V Strom. At 62 I thought it would be nice to have a lighter bike.
I am to spoiled by having the Vision. The seat on the Vision with factory backrest the best most comfortable I have ever had. At 64 I still have the V Strom and the Vision. The Strom is so refined compared to ether my CCT or the Vision. Super slick shifting with never a clunk. The engine is silky smooth. I like it but it’s not comfortable. But on the hyway it’s running at 5000rpm and sound way to high in the rpm for 65 mph.
The Vision is so comfortable and very flickable for its size. And I am very aggressive with it. It sees wide open throttle every time I take it out. It runs the hyway without all the high RPM drama….
So I love big bikes and I will run the Vision for as long as I can get it off the side stand.

Some of the stories in this thread have given me hope that I have many years of riding left.
And before you say I am young yet….. my body has taken some hard hits with all the dirt bikes I have owned over the years….

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