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Just an FYI that a new Member, AnnaBaby attempted to send out a few "love letters" to selected Members early this morning.

Sorry to say, that she really isn't seeking a relationship, just your personal data...which she failed at doing. No info was lifted from the site.

FYI, The way this site is setup, the only way she could have succeeded is that if someone would have responded to her, then given her a their own personal email address and then carried over the conversation off the site to their personal email addresses. Typically, then she (or he for that matter) would have sent an follow up email to your personal address and she/he would have encouraged you to click on a link to an external site. That's where the malicious code most likely would have resided.

So, if you received a noticed that you had a message here on the site, and then saw that you didn't have a message, that's because the offending account and his/her tracks were deleted.

Allow me to again state that your information is safe and other receiving a message from The VOG saying you had a message waiting for you on the site, none of your information on this site was breached. That's a good thing.

Sorry for inconvenience.
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Nothing better for your ego than some teenaged Ukrainian or Nigerian hackerboy telling you how attractive you are to the young hooker personality they play on the internet!!!

Ahhhh, international love and greed in the air!!!!

I know I only got the message because I'm so special!

Perhaps he has a banking official uncle from Uganda that will pay me to move his $972 million to the USA!!!!

BTW, don't these fools know they are messing around with a GURU?? Silly little e-thieves,,,,thanks again Andy
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