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Aftermarket Tachometer

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So I have read through so many different threads on this forum and other victory forums. I have looked all over google.

I know how to to wire the aftermarket tach to the factory 3 wire plug on my 2008 Jackpot. The J & P cycles tach I bought has 4 wires, 12 volt, ground, instrument power ( for the back light) and tach signal. I have the 12 volt and instrument power hooked to the pink wire on the factory plug, tach signal hooked to the green wire, and ground to black.

I just finished installing cams and such and am getting ready to take it to my dyno tuner and I'd like to have the tach for that. However, I can turn my key on, tach does it's full range sweep, i have power and lights, but when i start the bike i have no rpm reading on the gauge. The gauge I'm using is this one...

J&P Cycles Mini Tachometer

It says if I'm going to install it on a single fire ignition system, I need an adapter to convert the tach signal. So I'm wondering if I need the adapter?

Any one have any idea if I'm doing something wrong? Did I wire it incorrectly? Do victories have single fire ignition systems?

Thank you for any help anyone can possibly give me. I appreciate it.

Phil B.
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Even the manufacturer of the adapter doesn't really have any descriptions or details. Thought maybe that would give some indication. Suppose the tach is universal? Anyway, probably should call J&P if you don't get a response you are happy with. From the little research I've done, it appears these are single fire though.
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