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advanced riders course--anybody taken one ?

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Howdy gang---I started riding about 40 yrs ago went through a series of crashes during my formative years until I got that out of my system...since those early years I have added 250,000 miles with out incident.About 15 yrs ago my American wife living with me in french Canada (quebec) decided to learn to ride, so we (she) enrolled in a motorcycle course that was only given in french and she only spoke english so I also took the course as her translator.I had been riding for years and I knew it all ---WRONG--- I was surprised at how much I didn't know and needless to say I learned a great deal as her translator about turning --stopping--handling.Since I bought my Vision 8 ball this summer I have surfed around trying to better my riding as well as that I have spent considerable time in parking lots to improve my skills I also weekly do panic stops so I've done all that I can to improve my skills and hopefully my life expectantcy.

Here's the question how many if any of you guys and gals have taken the next step by that I mean the advanced riders courses available around America. Police officers take them for bikes as well as any serious biker who wants to learn more about handling motorcycles and training your reflexes .

If you have taken the course can you share something with me that might help me to gain a skill or insight ? I plan on signing up next year if I can find a local course. I thank you in advance
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In the military we are required to take the MSF beginners course and a 6 month time with a "mentor" then take the experienced course. The only difference with the experienced course was at one point they had us ride the obsticles with one hand. The course is also on base and has all the markings, so i can go any time and ride around on it. I'm sure there are higher degrees of experienced courses, but i'm not going to pay for them. Since the military makes it mandatory for motorcyclists, the military pays for the courses.
I would stick with practicing the quick reaction maneuver and doing the eights in a 24 foot wide / 2 parking spaces area. The quick reaction manruver is pretending there is a stopped car directly infront of you and quickly yanking your handlebars left then right or visaversa. I was amazed the agility of any bike because of the gyro effect of the spinning wheels. It helps me know what I can do without worring about the consequences.
Good luck.
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