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A little TLC ...so

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While some are taking these machines
And doing some really cool stuff with them....
I'm trying to keep it traditional...
I found some amazing parts that are going on soon ...
AND .....
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Add a new clutch pack to your list.
Why is that ?
Wrong oil brother. Send it back. Here's why.
One fine day a RP rep visited Kevin at Southern Motorworx wanting him to try RP motorcycle oil. No doubt good oil. If I remember the story correctly Kevin showed the nice man a Victory clutch and after a careful look at the materials used it was understood why Victory recommended semi synthetic oil for their bikes. The rep concluded it would be best if you didn't use our oil.
Now I have personally used Amsoil 10/40 and 20/40 motorcycle oil. Both JASO MA /MA2 rated with no issues for over 20k miles until that one fine day when a little slippage was present while loaded down and 2 up.
So haling from Brookfield Ct where Spectro motorcycle oils are made and finding that our top tier tuners also recommended (the made for Victory) 20/40 semi synthetic blend I took the advise to get out of the full synthetic world. But only for my Victory bikes. Full synthetic in everything else.
Regarding these finicky STOCK clutches it's not a matter of IF but more a matter of WHEN
it starts slipping.
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Thank you for a intelligent, straight answer,
I'm honestly going to reconsider..
But I wouldn't run spectro in anything I own
so run semi vs full?
Clutch reasons only?
Now I would like an intelligent straight answer. Why wouldn't you run Spectro in anything you own ?
Motul is an excellent oil and if I ever replace a stock clutch for an upgraded clutch I would definitely try running Motul. My mechanic swears by Motul and Spectro. Spectro has been great for just about everyone here that uses it. Seems the Victory bikes like the blend that Spectro has developed for the brand.
Use what you like. Many still buy the Victory oil change kits. Can't go wrong with it.
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